Monday, November 3, 2014

Square One Time!!

I know that all of the fundraisers can seem endless, and here's another one. This one is very special to our art program at Ford as it is the fundraiser we depend on for almost all of our materials for the entire year (that's clay, paint, ink, wire, paper, tools, pastels, art pencils, paintbrushes, foam, markers, specialty glue, glass, etc, etc, etc). We do a LOT of different projects with a variety of mediums and it definitely costs more than the run-of-the-mill paper and pencil projects. And the cool thing about this one is that each child's artwork can come printed on a variety of items (including an iPad cover new this year)! Orders need to be completed THIS week, so make sure to get yours in. These items make FABULOUS grandparent gifts, too!

Cute Coaster! Imagine how a set of these would light up a coffee table!

Artists hard at work!

Adorable Pastel Resist Leaf from a Second Grade Artist!